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Helping Howl rebrand and redesign their app experience

Influencer marketing has become a common strategy in the past few years. However the work to connect and find the right influencer or brand can be quite tedious. That’s where Howl jumps in.

Howl is a platform that connects influencers with brands. It makes it easy for both sides to sell and track sales. We came in to help rebrand, update their design system and create scalable, user-focused experiences.

A fresh new look

One of the main goals of the project was the rebrand and redesign of Howl’s web and native app. They wanted to have a cleaner and more modern brand identity. So we simplified their brand colors and designed experiences like the homepage to focus more around the top of mind user information like earnings and top performing products. As part of this redesign, we also updated Howl’s design system with new components and created consistency across the board.

Visualizing data

As with any marketing, tracking performance is one of the most important aspects and we wanted to strike a balance between being detailed and flexible but also easily scannable for users at first glance. We spent some time with users to understand what the key pieces of information are and how analytics played a part in their workflow.

Optimizing onboarding

Onboarding can feel transactional at times and Howl wanted to break that model. They wanted to be more friendly, conversational and connect with their users. So we designed a flow that asked for all the basics but also prompts for influencers to share more about their goals and journey. Not only does this create a personal touch but builds a foundation for personalized recommendations in the future.

Love the new app! It’s so easy connecting with brands and seeing sales coming in.

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