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How we helped PayPal reimagine the shopping experience

A win-win shopping solution. PayPal Shopping is a platform that connects merchants and consumers. It allows consumers to easily save and track their shopping progress. For merchants, it helps drive sales with targeted marketing campaigns that leverage PayPal’s network.

Our job was to leverage PayPal’s network and design both merchant and consumer experiences from scratch. From user research to launch, we worked hand in hand with the PayPal team.

The consumer problem

PayPal Buy Now Pay Later aims to solve is the lack of flexibility and control in traditional payment methods. With traditional payment methods, consumers are often required to pay for their purchases upfront, which can be difficult if they don't have enough money in their account or if they don't want to pay the full amount at once. This can lead to missed opportunities and unnecessary stress for consumers.

The solution

The redesign of the PayPal Buy Now Pay Later experience simplifies the process and makes it more convenient for consumers. The new design features a streamlined checkout flow and clear payment options, as well as a payment calculator and responsive design. This improves the user experience and makes it easier for consumers to manage their payments and make purchases over time.

Shopping continued

One concept we explored was having a shopping assistant that would be omnipresent as you shopped and browsed your favorite merchants. The assistant would show you your Store Cash balance, exclusive deals and recommendations. On PayPal, you would be able to see your Store Cash balance for each merchant and items that you have saved.

For the merchant

We started by helping merchants identify shoppers that have left their site without making a purchase. Through a simple and frictionless campaign setup, we enabled merchants to create a targeted campaign that offered Store Cash to those abandoned shoppers. From there, we built a platform that allowed merchants to track their campaign performance and get actionable insights to grow their business.

Next did an incredible job of integrating with our team and design system. They were able to hit the ground running and help us launch quickly.

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